Red Riding Dental Hygiene Practice of

Ruth Reich Chandler, RDHAP

Where your hygienist visits You!

Hygiene is my passion and I thoroughly enjoy helping others achieve optimal oral health. With 30 plus years of practicing dental hygiene in the traditional dental office setting, I have ventured out as an RDHAP (Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice).  This additional license gives me the opportunity to help those many individuals with disabilities, multiple health issues, dementia and immobility, by bringing professional oral care to them. Now is the time to focus on the overwhelming trends of our aging population.  People are living longer and keeping their teeth.  As they age, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get to the dental office for treatment, and years go by without regular preventive oral care.  I have a mission to be a part of the solution to our elderly population's unmet needs, and what better way than for me to visit you!